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The ever-evolving alternative energy industry requires complex CNC machined parts that perform under pressure, maintain integrity, and exceed your expectations for quality.

If you want confidence in your final product, your precision manufacturing partner should meet the same standards.

Energy companies choose Senga Engineering for intricate parts that include adapters, connectors, and other precision CNC essentials. Our team leverages decades of industry knowledge and innovative technology to produce components that maximize value at every stage.

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40+ state-of-the-art CNC machine tools for minimal handling and unmatched quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you capable of performing 100% inspections and serializing parts?

Yes, we perform 100% in-process inspections at the source of manufacturing if required by the customer. We use shop floor CMMs where the data is recorded, the parts are serialized, and the data is compiled into a PPAP report.
Yes, we aim to provide a complete turnkey solution by incorporating many value-added processes.
Yes. If you partner with Senga we can offer Design for Manufacturability (DFM) suggestions from a machining standpoint to help your engineers design a component that will be as cost effective as possible during production. We welcome the opportunity to work with your engineers early in the design phase for new product introductions.
Our goal is within three days, but this depends on complexity of the parts and the request itself. Some quotes may take two weeks to finalize.

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