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Precision CNC components for applications in industries like defense, aerospace, and medical devices have meticulous lists of design requirements, quality reviews, and iterative tests. All of these steps are necessary to ensure that the parts and assemblies will endure in challenging work conditions.

Engineers and organizations that rely on these parts need a partner who will maintain the highest standards for quality and precision. You also need confidence that your partner will overcome quality and delivery obstacles, mitigate risk, and provide turnkey solutions.

Senga Engineering provides the quality assurance and headache-free experience you deserve from your CNC manufacturing partner.

Robust process designs coupled with on-the-floor CMM inspections empower us to produce complex parts that require fewer operational steps and handling by the customer. These processes make production cycles highly efficient for your CNC manufacturing needs.

Make it right the first time with precision CNC machining and quality assurance from Senga.

Senga’s coordinate measuring machine (CMM) inspections on the production floor ensure speed, repeatability, and accuracy by eliminating the need for operators to manually verify and record measurements.

We use the most suitable CMMs to perform a variety of metrology operations on a single, flexible, and accurate measuring machine in our on-site temperature-controlled quality lab.

Quality Assurance

Optical comparators are automated measurement systems that provide highly accurate and repeatable data in seconds. They feature:

The optical comparator can dimension any critical features on the part within the system’s field of view. Measurements are always consistent among operators due to built-in automatic edge detection software.

The PPAP, provided upon customer request, verifies that the supplier understands all customer engineering design specifications and requirements. It also confirms that the process is capable of consistently producing product that meets those requirements during an actual production run at the quoted production rate.

The PPAP is a valuable tool for establishing confidence in component suppliers and their production processes. Several industries have implemented the process to improve communication and provide quality products (Quality-One).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Senga’s capabilities and areas of expertise?

Senga Engineering offers a unique approach to high-complexity, multi-axis volume machining services with turnkey solutions to streamline your production needs while having a strong focus on automation, assemblies, and kitting. Our in-process inspection is unrivaled using CMMs on the shop floor ensuring virtually no component rejection, allowing you to go dock-to-stock confidently.
HighQA has been implemented and SPC will be used in 2024 and beyond.

Yes, Senga’s Quality Lab is temperature controlled between 68–72 degrees.

Yes, we use a software called Paperless Parts so that our Estimating team can collaborate effectively and collectively.

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