Make Your Parts Whole with Turnkey Solutions & Precision Machining

Receive kitted parts & completed sub-assemblies to minimize handling & eliminate unnecessary operations.

Comprehensive Component Creation For Frustration-Free Fulfillment

Finding the right precision CNC machining partner for your components, subassemblies, or turnkey solutions can be frustrating – especially if you have been let down by another company’s missed deadlines, inferior quality, or poor communication.

Engineers and organizations in demanding industries need a partner focused on risk mitigation who can complete components or modules, help with production obstacles, and consistently meet timelines.

Senga Engineering is your best choice for comprehensive Turnkey Manufacturing Solutions.

We combine decades of industry knowledge and experience with the latest innovations in CNC technologies, including over 40 state-of-the-art machines, to deliver dock-to-stock products, units, and kits. The Senga team is certified and has proven capabilities to meet industry requirements for defense, aerospace, energy, medical device, and more.

Make it right the first time with turnkey solutions and quality assurance from Senga.

Delivering precision CNC machined components at volume requires a total commitment to quality that starts with the initial design review. Senga’s dock-to-stock commitment includes:

Turnkey Solutions
CNC Turning Tank Component

As an industry leader in CNC machining and turnkey solutions for critical industries like Aerospace, Military/Defense, and Alternative Energy, Senga maintains multiple certifications that include:

CNC Turning Threaded Adapters
Hub Roller Turnkey Solutions

Senga maintains a 14% capital reinvestment strategy to continually improve equipment and systems for modern requirements. Recent enhancements have included:

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Senga’s capabilities and areas of expertise?

Senga Engineering offers a unique approach to high-complexity, multi-axis volume machining services with turnkey solutions to streamline your production needs while having a strong focus on automation, assemblies, and kitting. Our in-process inspection is unrivaled using CMMs on the shop floor ensuring virtually no component rejection, allowing you to go dock-to-stock confidently.
Yes, we have more than 40 CNC machining centers, and many of our mills are palletized. These state-of-the-art features allow us to fixture a variety of parts that can be produced in sets. Also, our mill-turn centers are equipped with up to 180 different tools that allow us to transition efficiently between set-ups.
Yes, we perform 100% in-process inspections at the source of manufacturing if required by the customer. We use shop floor CMMs where the data is recorded, the parts are serialized, and the data is compiled into a PPAP report.
Yes. If you partner with Senga we can offer Design for Manufacturability (DFM) suggestions from a machining standpoint to help your engineers design a component that will be as cost effective as possible during production. We welcome the opportunity to work with your engineers early in the design phase for new product introductions.

Meet Every Standard with Precision Machining Solutions