Precision Multitask CNC Machining Capabilities

State-of-the-art tools for machining complex components in one setup

Setting The Industry Standard for Consistency, Accuracy & Precision

If you’re developing a new CNC precision part for production or trying to fulfill surging orders for clients, you need a partner who will grasp what you need and guide the production of your parts through a successful run.

Clients who need multi-axis, multi-featured precision parts that meet their timeline and budget choose Senga for reliable production runs from cutting-edge tools.

Senga Engineering is committed to providing the highest quality precision CNC components, which is why multitask machining has become a big part of what we do. 

We are constantly upgrading and investing in new equipment, including multitask machining solutions like the Okuma Multus U3000, DMG NTX1000, and DN SMX2100. Senga also leverages automation for continuous and efficient 24/5 production. 

Make it right the first time with precision multitask CNC machining and quality assurance from Senga.

Nine-axis machining combines 4-axis turning with full 5-axis milling to machine complex shapes in a single setup. This type of machining yields:

Using a 9-axis machine can drastically shorten a part’s lead time to market, especially in comparison to casting the part’s general shape and then post-machining critical features.

Multitask machining allows for high production manufacturing of complicated machine parts on one machine. Benefits include:

Multitask machines assure high accuracy for even the most complex applications.

Another great benefit of multitask machining is the time savings from drilling and milling multiple holes and slots.

While less complicated than the difficulty of machining a complex cavity or organic shape, multitask milling operations that can be completed quickly and accurately are extremely valuable for meeting project deadlines and maintaining quality.

Industries & Applications

Military & Defense

Complex machining by an ITAR-controlled, veteran-owned business

Alternative Energy

Intricate parts for the alternative energy industry and renewables


World-class CNC machining for high performance materials in orbit and beyond

Medical Devices

Meet the FDA’s demands–and yours–with precision components


Multi-axis CNC manufactured parts from premier raw materials


Manufactured for harsh environments and challenging conditions


Full-service machine-to-print from billet, castings & forging metal additive parts

Meet Every Standard with Precision Machining Solutions