Senga Fulfills 2,700 Orders for 2020

Despite the many challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Senga Engineering has been able to persevere and fulfilled 2,700 orders during 2020. Production has been able to adapt to unprecedented conditions and unforeseen circumstances to process orders across our many industries: aerospace, medical, energy, defense, and connectors.

According to the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) around 80% of US manufacturers expected financial impact due to the pandemic. As the outbreak spread across the globe, the manufacturing sector became vulnerable since the industry depends on workers whose jobs cannot be carried out remotely. Many challenges such as decreasing on-time workforce, logistics disruption, and other effects have made production increasingly difficult to fulfill demands.

To combat these challenges, Senga prioritized workforce and customer health and restructured internal processes to adapt to the new conditions. Senga’s spacious production floor has been designed for each machine to be contained in individual cells, allowing workers to be more than 10 feet away from each other. Sanitation protocols such as wearing masks and continual sanitizing were implemented earlier in the 2020 year to maintain employee health. Senga endeavored to continue to staff individual project teams deemed necessary to maintain safety of operations and to ensure that quality and schedule would not be compromised. These strategies have allowed Senga to operate during the pandemic without discharging any employees. Senga strives to adapt to changing conditions and continue to conduct business as normal to ensure safety and to meet customer demands into 2021.

Senga Engineering, Inc. holds certificates in AS9100/D, ISA9001:2015, ITAR, FFL and is a small, veteran owned company.